Carpet Cleaning

Breeze Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning takes exceptional pride in our work that will provide you with unsurpassed cleaning experience. After we are finished you will find comfort knowing that your carpet was cleaned right down to the base of the fibers providing a healthy living environment and a fresh scent that will give you the satisfaction knowing that you have chosen wisely.

Listed below are the IICRC steps carried out by Breeze Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for our premium option.

  1. After a thorough pre-inspection we begin the cleaning process with pre-agitation of the carpet with a carpet groomer.
  2. A pre-treatment will be applied to the carpet fibers to remove and dislodge any stain that has not already damaged the dye sites of the carpet
  3. The pre-treatment will be agitated into the fibers.
  4. Hot water steam extraction process. Our Company uses specialized rinsing agents to remove detergent residues and leave carpet with a soft touch with no sticky residues to contribute to re-soiling of carpet
  5. In order to bring back the stain-resistant quality your carpet that it once had, Our Company applies the highest-quality carpet protector.
  6. Plastic tabs or blocks are placed under all furniture to protect the carpet from varnish stains in addition to protecting furniture legs from any exposure to moisture.
  7. Industry standards state after the carpet cleaning process, carpet should be dried as quickly as possible. Our Company goes the extra mile by using air movers.
  8. All cleaning is provided by Certified Master Textile Cleaning Technician according to IICRC S100 guidelines for on-location cleaning of residential textiles.
  9. Our 10-day re-clean guarantee exhibits pride and integrity Our Company is well known for. Find anything you are not happy with up to ten days after the cleaning and at no charge Our Company will return to clean the areas in question.